MM.HR - Croatian Real Estate Search Portal

MM.HR - Croatian Real Estate Search Portal

Company Business Solution d.o.o has developed and launched the real estate portal to make it easier for locals to find real estate in Croatia, as well as for people coming from other countries who want to buy or rent property in Croatia.

We are working to ensure that the portal is useful to everyone who plans to buy, sell or rent their apartment, house, villa, land, office or industrial premises and other real estate.

Posting listings is free for both individuals and legal entities.

Main features of the MM portal


The portal is localized in five languages: Croatian, English, German, Italian and Russian. This is done for easy search by both local residents and foreigners who would like to buy property in Croatia.

Ability to add to favorites

In order not to lose a listing that you liked, you can add it to your favorites. Having saved the best options, you can also compare them, or return to viewing them later.

Convenient real estate search on mobile phone

Smartphones and tablets are always at hand, so it is very convenient to use them to find real estate – anytime, anywhere.

We developed a mobile version, which is adjusted to the size of the phone screen. Therefore, it is easy to find a property according to the parameters you are interested in, add the listings you like to your favorites, and contact their owner. All that from your mobile phone or tablet.

Map search

When location matters, and in our opinion, this is one of the key parameters for choosing a home or office, finding an object on the map is a very convenient way. You get to know where exactly the object is. Thanks to convenient filters, only those objects that meet your requirements will be displayed on the map.

Infrastructure overview

Our service checks the addresses of objects at the time of their placement, so that at the time of choosing a property, you have objective information about whether this place is suitable for you and what services will be available.


Already at the time of reading the listing, you can find out if there are shops, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, a park, a public playground, parking and other infrastructure facilities nearby that can make your life in this area comfortable.

Overview of specialists and services

The process of buying, selling and long-term lease is very important, and its organization will determine the quality of your everyday life, at least for the next few years.

We have compiled on our website a directory of real estate agencies and realtors who can help you find the best option and conduct a transaction.

If you are buying or selling real estate for the first time, we recommend that you read information about why you need a realtor in our Journal.

Get information about all the professionals working in your area or property location. Before choosing who is best for you to work with, read the reviews about realtors that were left by their clients, study the information about their services, the guarantees they can provide, their experience and conditions.

For foreign clients, there is a possibility to find a realtor in the language they need.


We collect information that may be useful to you in the process of buying, selling or renting real estate in the Magazine section.

Follow the advice of the experts in the polls and interviews published in the Magazine. Be aware of current trends in the real estate market and changes in demand in Croatia.


We work to ensure that the buying, selling and renting processes are a pleasant experience for you, and is carried out in a simple, easy and safe way. Search for properties that suit you on our portal, post your listings, and be sure to leave your feedback on your experience.

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