What Should You Definitely Pay Attention to When Buying a Property?

What Should You Definitely Pay Attention to When Buying a Property?

To make the process of searching for and buying a new property as pleasant and safe as possible, we prepared a list of things you should pay attention to.

Detailed inspection of the property

We suggest printing out this list and checking it each time you go see a property:

  • What materials were used in construction (walls, doors, roof, facade)?
  • What is the condition of the installations (water supply, sewerage, electricity)? Is it known who installed them and according to which project?
  • What is the energy efficiency of the building? What thermal insulation is there? Are the roof and basement well insulated from moisture? How is the building heated?
  • Does the property have proper documentation? Does the seller have an Ownership Certificate, energy certificate, condominium registration certificate, Building and Use Permit?
  • Do you notice any problems during the tour? If the doors or windows are difficult to open, the reason could be poorly executed carpentry, and perhaps problems with moisture. Make sure the walls and ceilings are flat with a spirit level.


Think carefully about where you would like to find a property - downtown or in the suburbs? Once you make that decision, dedicate yourself to a detailed research of the location where you plan to live. What is the transport infrastructure like? Are the roads arranged? Is there a plan to improve them? What is the availability of public transport? You certainly do not want to walk 45 minutes through mud and puddles on the way home.

Social infrastructure

We are social beings, and it is of great importance what the community in which we live offers. If you are buying a property in which you plan to live, ask well about things that are important to you and your family: the proximity of parks, playgrounds, health facilities, schools, veterinarians, shops, cinemas…

Type of property

There is definitely a need to solve the question whether you want to buy an apartment or a house? Whether you are looking for a property in which you plan to live, a property in which you plan to rest occasionally or for a rental business, the differences are huge, and you need to seriously consider that decision. The apartment is certainly more practical to maintain, but the house usually means the comfort of a larger space.

The importance of a live tour

You will get the feeling of whether a certain property suits you or not during the live tour. Depending on what season or during what weather conditions you go to see the property, there are things that are good to pay special attention to. In summer, you will know if it will be too hot in August and if the air conditioning should be installed, if it is not already there. In winter, you will be able to get a good impression of thermal insulation, heating and humidity. During a rainy day you can make sure that the roof and ceilings do not leak.


Be sure to think carefully about what is important to you with the property you plan to buy. Don't be impressed by what is irrelevant to you, to the detriment of what is important to you. As exciting as the process of buying a property is, you need to be "cool-headed" until the last minute.

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