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250 m²
250 m²
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The business building was built at the location of Buzin, primarily to the Velikogoricka main road on the Zagreb-Airport route. The building is only 500 m away from the Buzin lane, ie exit / entrance from the Zagreb ring road - a motorway from which you can go in any direction of Ljubljana, Maribor, Rijeka, Split, Varaždin, Slavonski Brod ...
Everywhere in the world, the most attractive business zone is the city - airport, so in Zagreb this is the most exclusive business area with leading global and domestic companies such as A2B, Microsoft, Toyota, American Embassy, ​​TetraPak, Croatia Airlines, Adidas, M-San group, Natuzzi, Miele etc. due to the excellent traffic connections and the speed of arrival and departure. Near the cca 150m from the business building there is also the Aristos 5 * hotel which is very convenient for business partners who come to a business visit and do not have time to go to the city.
Within 200m there are 3 restaurants of various categories from luxurious to daily self service restaurants.

The office space is located on the fourth floor of a business building, total surface area of ​​1500m2. The space currently consists of 27 rooms of different surfaces, kitchens, dining rooms, sanitary nodes, one of which has a shower. The building has an entrance reception because the entrance to the building is controlled, in the lobby there are 4 lifts that connect all floors of the building, two underground floors where there are 397 parking spaces and five upper floors. The building has an aggregate that is sufficient for the full load of the building.
Along with regular lease, comon costs and individual consumption are also charged.
Common costs include; a) common costs for a Business Building such as water and drainage fees, cleaning and maintenance of chimneys, cleaning of the canal, office waste disposal, waste disposal, disposal garbage, sewage cleaning, b) light, electricity and heating and cooling for common parts of the entire business building c) costs of cleaning, road cleaning, snow removal, grass cutting, watering, maintenance of horticulture, spreading of frozen areas, if they relate to common parts of the business building, d) adequate insurance, in particular against the risk of earthquake, fire, weather and flood, glass fires and property liability of the owner of the business building, e) Service, repair, inspection, maintenance, maintenance and operation costs and the costs of optimization for all technical and electrical equipment in the Business Building and the costs of all connected auxiliary devices, f) the costs of reception, surveillance, storage and protection of the facility including costs the necessary staff g) costs of disinsection, deratization, etc., h) Staff costs and materials for cleaning, maintenance and surveillance of common areas of the entire Business Building, i) management costs of the Business Building and Facility Management, j) any other costs that may be chargeable to the Beneficiary The lessor when performing various real estate services for it to function as a professional office space.
Individual costs are paid by the lessee separately; cleaning of leased space, communal and water charges, and electricity, water, heating and cooling costs according to consumption. The calculation of individual consumption will primarily be based on the status of the count meter. If the consumption of individual energy sources can not be calculated based on installed count meters, the same proportional ratio as in respect of the Common Operating Costs shall apply.
The agency fee is 1 monthly rent + VAT

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Sandra Mulović
Mob: +385 91 466 2233
Tel: +385 1 466 2233



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250m², Office, 3 Floor

Grad Zagreb, Novi Zagreb - Istok, Buzin

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