Is Croatia a Good Place to Invest in Real Estate?

Is Croatia a Good Place to Invest in Real Estate?

You are interested in buying real estate in Croatia because you have heard that it is a good investment, maybe your friends have already decided on the same, so now you are interested in whether investing in real estate in Croatia is as good an idea as can often be heard?


Croatia - Sea, Mountains and Plains

Croatia has almost everything you can imagine: the long coast of the Adriatic Sea with more than 1000 islands, mountains with untouched nature and endless plains. And all this in a pleasant Mediterranean or continental climate. When the incredible history, cultural heritage and excellent local, organically grown food and drink are added to this geographical diversity, it is not surprising that Croatia has become a top European destination in every way.


Excellent Geographical Position

Croatia is well positioned in Central Europe. It is possible to arrive by car from many European countries, such as Germany or Poland. Other countries are not much further away, and the extensive network of airline flights also contributes to that. Although relatively small in area, Croatia has as many as 8 airports from which international flights are operated. In addition to international flights, Croatia can also be reached by international bus, train and boat lines. Croatia has a much better developed transport infrastructure than the surrounding countries: quality motorways and an extensive public transport network stretch throughout the country.


Safe Country

Croatia is a country of political and economic stability. It has been a member of the European Union since 2013 and a member of NATO since 2009. In the coming years, it is expected to become part of the Schengen area and introduce the Euro as the official currency. In general, the crime rate in Croatia is low and Croatia is one of the safest countries to live in. Although you should always be careful, in Croatia you are much less likely to be attacked or robbed on the street. There are no "notorious" neighborhoods in Croatia that you can't go to, and even at night you can walk around freely and without fear.


Tourism in Croatia

In recent years, Croatia has positioned itself as an attractive tourist destination on the map of Europe. Holidays in Croatia are on the "to do" list of every European who loves to travel. With the flourishing of tourism, a whole range of top restaurants, wineries, marinas and other tourist facilities developed. As much as 12% of Croatian GDP comes from tourism. There is no doubt that tourism in Croatia will continue to develop and this will contribute to the value of real estate.


Real Estate Prices in Croatia

The average price per square meter varies considerably, depending on the location, type of property, proximity to the sea, year of construction. However, for a budget of up to €200,000 you can expect to find a renovated two-bedroom apartment, and for a budget of €500,000 and more you will be able to find a villa. The average price per square meter of an apartment in Dubrovnik is €3628, and the price per square meter of a house is €4117. In the north, in Poreč, the average price per square meter and a house is almost the same and amounts to €2162. Although real estate prices in Croatia are constantly on the rise, they are still significantly lower than in other European summer holiday destinations such as Spain or Italy, and this is certainly an additional plus to buy real estate in Croatia.



Given that real estate prices in Croatia are on the rise, the investment will be more profitable if you buy real estate as soon as possible.

You have decided to buy a villa by the sea, but you do not know where exactly? We will be happy to help you with information on cities and prices.



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