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110 m²
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110 m²
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LOCATION: Zagreb, Jarun. In the immediate vicinity of the green new city districts, in the western part of the city, there is Jarun with a recreational and sports center. Hiking trails, lakes with rowing paths, many restaurants and cafes are part of the recognizable atmosphere of the center of Jarun. The right place for rest and recreation. In the immediate vicinity is the Mladost sports park, which for many years has been a representative sports complex that meets the highest criteria in the organization of competitions, training processes, and various forms of sports education and recreation. In the immediate vicinity there are tram stops on Horvaćanska cesta, only 300m away, Bazeni Mladost, Faculty of Kinesiology, Jarun Lake 100m away, and a city market in the immediate vicinity, health center, kindergarten, primary school and shops.

DESCRIPTION: Luxury penthouse with an area of 129 m2 in a new building that will be ready for occupancy in 2024. A superb new building whose apartments are characterized by the highest level of equipment and the most modern technology in terms of installation and management, while energy efficiency meets the highest standards. It consists of a living room with kitchen and dining room and exit to the terrace of 44m2, 3 bedrooms, one of which is a master with its own bathroom and walk-in closet and exit to the terrace, 2 bathrooms, toilet and utility room and 2 terraces. The building will have a common park for all tenants.

The offer also includes apartments on the ground floor, on the first and second floors, with a square footage of 57m2 - 132m2 or as agreed with the buyers. Each apartment has its own outdoor area; terrace with garden, loggia, balcony or terrace.

The load-bearing system of the building consists of a reinforced concrete structure consisting of AB walls and AB ceiling panels and beams.
The walls between the apartments are 20 cm thick reinforced concrete or 15 cm thick Knauf system.
The staircase inside the building has two legs. Elevator shafts are reinforced concrete.

The residential building has one basement floor, ground floor and two above-ground floors, the second of which is a recessed floor.
Vertical communication will be enabled by stairs and elevators (two elevators) through all floors.
The residential building consists of; Garage on -1st floor, clear space height 2.50 m
Living space on the ground floor, 1st floor and a recessed floor with a light height of 2.80 m

The load-bearing roof structure is made of reinforced concrete slabs with a thickness of 20 cm. The roof is made as a flat, impassable roof, covered with UV-stable TPO foil, thermally insulated with 20 cm of thermal insulation, and the final protection of the TPO foil is gravel.

The facade will be made with the ETICS system with 15 cm thick polystyrene thermal insulation, and the walls of the recessed floor will be covered with a ventilated facade system with 12 cm thick hard mineral wool and a finishing coating.

The internal partition walls in the apartments are made of plasterboard with mineral wool filling 10-12.5 cm thick with double GK panels according to the Knauf W112 system.
The concrete parts of the walls and ceiling slabs are leveled by smoothing. Finishing of concrete and partition walls is painting with semi-dispersive paint.
Block brick walls are plastered with gypsum-lime and lime-cement plaster, and finished with smoothing and painting.
In the case of wall tiles, all expansion joints, as well as edges and corner ends, are made with protective corner profiles.
In the sanitary facilities, all walls are covered with ceramic tiles from floor to ceiling.

Communication between floors is made possible by an internal staircase. The staircases are equipped with elevators through all floors.
Stairs and landings - in ceramics with a high plinth.
In front of the elevator area - ceramic tiled floors and walls. Entrance to the building - ceramic tiled floors and walls.
The railings and handrails in the staircases are designed as locksmith's railings with a height of 110 cm.

The underground garage is accessed via a 6.0 m wide ramp, and access is possible from the east side.
Garage parking spaces are located in the underground floors -1.
The minimum dimensions of garage parking spaces are 250x500 cm, and the maximum dimensions are 395x500 cm.

The internal carpentry will be made of solid, smooth doors filled with cardboard honeycomb, with a door frame painted with white PU varnish.
Hardware with visible hinges and chrome-plated handles with magnetic lock. The height of the neck sash is 220 cm.

The external carpentry will be made of ALU profile with high thermal insulation that meets the standards of low energy consumption with the associated box for ALU blinds, thermally insulated and external aluminum window sills.
The glasses are three-layered with a low-energy coating filled with Argon. The exits to the balconies are made with sliding walls or balcony doors.

Finishing of floors in kitchens and bathrooms is done by laying ceramic tiles on a floating cement screed. Ceramics are of a higher price class.
Finished, lacquered, two-layer oak parquet is installed in all other rooms. The skirting board is 80 mm high and painted white.

All interior walls and ceilings are painted with semi-dispersive paint.
The walls and floors of the kitchen, bathroom and toilet are covered with high-quality ceramic tiles.
In the case of wall tiles, all expansion joints, as well as edges and corner ends are made with protective corner AL profiles.
In the bathrooms, all the walls are covered with ceramic tiles from floor to ceiling. Ceramic tiles in sanitary facilities at the choice of the designer/customer.

The sanitary equipment will include a sink with a cabinet and a mirror, a faucet for the sink, a cantilever toilet bowl with a two-volume flush-mounted cistern.

It is planned to connect the building to the public water supply pipeline located in Jarunska Street. Sanitary water consumption is measured using a system of main and secondary water meters located in the hallway of each floor.
Each apartment has a separate measuring point of the water meter cabinet in the stairwell corridor, while the main valve for closing the water supply is located inside the apartment. In addition to the sanitary water supply system, an internal and external sanitary hydrant network will be constructed. The fire protection study provides for fire protection with an internal and external hydrant network. Sanitary wastewater and rainwater are drained into the public city drainage system

High-efficiency air-water heat pumps will be used as the main energy producer for heating the building.
The cranes will be placed on the roof, on the basis provided for their placement. Heat pumps with hydro modules are provided for all apartments, which have integrated tanks for hot water, and these are located in the sanitary facilities (GOSP.). All apartments have built-in underfloor heating, while there is a bathroom ladder in each bathroom in each apartment.
A high efficiency mono split unit is installed for cooling purposes.
The apartments located on the ground floor and 1st floor are heated using heat pumps type AE066MXTPGH/EU, cooling capacity Qh=6.6 kW and heating capacity Qg=6.6 kW (per apartment). The heat pump is located on the roof of the building.
Hot water 40/35 °C is used for underfloor heating. Floor heating is the optimal solution for heating all rooms, considering the width of the irradiated surface and the low temperature. All bathrooms inside the apartments have an additional built-in bathroom ladder.
For cooling, a mono split unit located in the living room with a cooling capacity of Qh=3.5 kW and a heating capacity of Qg=3.5 kW is used. For the preparation of DHW for each apartment, a hydro unit with an integrated hot water tank with a capacity of 260 L is provided. An electric heater Nel.= 4.0 kW is installed to heat water at lower temperatures. All bathrooms inside the apartments have additionally built-in bathroom ladders.
The apartments located on the 2nd floor are heated using heat pumps type AE090MXTPGH/EU, cooling capacity Qh=9 kW and heating capacity Qg=9 kW (per apartment). The heat pump is placed on the foundation on the roof of the building.
A hot water system of 40/35 °C is used for underfloor heating. Floor heating is the optimal solution for heating all rooms, considering the width of the radiated surface and the low temperature. All bathrooms inside the apartments have additionally built-in bathroom ladders.
For cooling, a mono split unit located in the living room with a cooling capacity of Qh=5 kW and a heating capacity of Qg=5 kW is used. For the preparation of DHW for each apartment, a hydro unit with an integrated domestic hot water tank with a capacity of 260 L is provided. An electric heater Nel.=6.0 kW is installed to heat water at lower temperatures.

In the residential building, the architectural project foresees sanitary areas without windows. For ventilation, it is planned to install fans that are in the fire-resistant housing on the side at the exit from the shaft. They are switched on and off via the lighting switches of the mentioned areas. The flow of air into the ventilated spaces will be ensured by the installation of a draft grille in the lower part of the door or by trimming the door.
The apartments are equipped with thermal energy recovery with built-in wall point (push/pull) recuperators (pressure/exhaust fan).
The living room and bedrooms are ventilated by a decentralized automatic ventilation system with a built-in humidity sensor.
In this way, the exchange of saturated and moist air with heated fresh air is ensured in the living space, which increases the quality of living in closed spaces.

The connection of the building to the low-voltage power distribution network will be carried out in accordance with the power consent. The measuring cabinets are located on the underground floor in the electrical room. Each apartment has a separate meter for measuring electricity consumption. energy.
The building has LED lighting in common areas, partly automatically controlled, automatic fire alarm, and installation preparation for video surveillance.

The apartment is equipped with a high current distributor and a communication distributor. Switches and sockets are manufactured by Bticino model Living Now - black matte color.
Estimated performances:
In the hallway: video intercom of the manufacturer, ceiling fir tree, socket.
In the bedroom: wall light above bedside tables with immediate and remote control, ceiling light, multiple sockets.
In each room: LAN connection, several sockets.
In the kitchen: for hand appliances above the worktop, ceiling light, for the stove, for the refrigerator, for the washing machine, for the hood.
In the bathroom: overhead light above the sink, ceiling light, socket with cover, fan with timer, for washing machine.
The communication distributor has a built-in socket for powering the router at the ADSL connection, and a certain space inside the cabinet for housing the device.
Behind the TV is a double LAN socket for optional placement of a router at the cable connection.
An installation pipe reserved for an optical connection also leads to the communication distributor.

The antenna installation of the apartment is connected to a common antenna system on the roof of the building, for receiving terrestrial and satellite TV programs, as well as UKV radio programs.

At the entrance to the building there is a call device with a camera, a code book and a card reader. There is a keypad in front of the apartment, and a video intercom in the apartment, for voice and video communication with visitors, manufactured by HikVision.

The facility is equipped with video surveillance equipment. The entrances to the building and the entrance to the garage will be covered with cameras.

The project envisages energy class A+ according to the Qhnd criterion.

When taking over the apartment, each Buyer will receive a booklet with instructions for the use and maintenance of the built-in equipment.

The vehicular and pedestrian access is asphalted.
Garbage and waste containers will be located in the northeast part of the plot.

The buyer does not pay VAT, but pays 3% real estate tax.


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4 rooms, Apartment, 110m², 1 Floor

Grad Zagreb, Trešnjevka - Jug, Jarun

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