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77 m²
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77 m²
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LOCATION: Zagreb, Kustošija. Kustošija is a modern and urbanized urban settlement dominated by family houses. The settlement is located between Vrapče, (narrower) Črnomerac and Mikulić. Traffic is very well connected with the rest of the city. In the immediate vicinity there is a kindergarten and an elementary school, a pharmacy, cafes, shops and all essential facilities.

DESCRIPTION: Apartment with an area of ​​77m2 and a living space of 63m2 is located on the ground floor of a house with only 2 apartments in a great location. It consists of two large rooms, a kitchen with a dining room, a bathroom and a bedroom. The apartment has a basement area of ​​26.88 m2 (calculated 13.49 m2) and a garden (approx. 200 m2). The total area of ​​the garden is 400 m2. The property is clean and tidy. There is a possibility to buy the whole house.


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your Angelus nekretnine d.o.o.


ID CODE: 4013

Mob: +385914662333
Tel: +385 1 466 2233



Type Name Address Distance
  Sport Magic Well Črnomerec and fitness studio for women Kustošijanska ul. 1, Zagreb 837
  School Osnovna škola Gornje Vrapče Vrapčanska 188, Zagreb 878
  Kindergarten Čarobna Kučica Horvatnica 36, Zagreb 1,273
  Hospital Vrbovec Samoborski Črnomerec 72-90, Zagreb 1,785
  School Škola za montažu instalacija i metalnih konstrukcija Sveti Duh 129, Zagreb 1,846
  School Osnovna škola Medvedgrad Strma cesta 15, Zagreb 1,880
  Hospital Rodilište i Poliklinika Podobnik Ul. Sveti Duh 112, Zagreb 1,886
  Hospital Centar za socijalnu skrb. Strmečkoga put 9, Zagreb 1,894
  School Srpska pravoslavna opća gimnazija „Kantakuzina-Katarina Branković“ s pravom javnosti Sveti Duh 122, Zagreb 1,896
  School Osnovna škola grofa Janka Draškovića Vrapčanska 7, Zagreb 1,943

2 rooms, Apartment, 77m², 1 Floor

Grad Zagreb, Črnomerec, Kustošija

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