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270000 m²
270000 m²
Water pipes
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The agency Geofly & Immobilien from Rijeka mediates the sale of non-building land with an area of ​​more than 270,000 m2 in the area of ​​the town of Ozalj in the town of Dvorišće Ozaljsko.
The asking price for the mentioned land is 200.000 eura (0,74 eur/m2), and below we present this interesting property....
The mentioned real estate offers the possibility of developing rural tourism, camping and recreational facilities in the same area in nature, peace and quiet, which is a rarity on the market. The area of ​​270,000 m2 allows the construction of a large number of contents while maintaining the natural identity and privacy, i.e. avoiding excessive construction, which is unfortunately very visible in the areas by the sea and in other tourist places.

An ideal story for a strong investor with a vision.

The listed properties are in nature areas covered with mixed forest, except for one smaller part which was an exploitation area of ​​limestone in the past, but has been out of operation for a long time. The configuration of the terrain is slightly hilly with fantastic views and vistas towards the surrounding towns, given that the highest point of the terrain is at an altitude of 366 meters, which is higher than the surrounding towns.

The property is without registered encumbrances or records, and consists of dozens of cadastral parcels consolidated in one area, which make up a whole of over 270,000 m2.

The properties in question are mostly located outside the boundaries of the construction area, and in a smaller part the area is approx. 3 hectares, located within the T3 tourist zone.
It is possible on the part outside the construction zone

- construction of farms, commercial-residential complexes and other agricultural facilities
- the initiation of rural tourism and the construction of the necessary buildings, such as residential buildings, commercial buildings, common infrastructural facilities, etc.
- initiation of Robinson tourism
- construction of recycling yards for construction waste
- construction of asphalt bases and concrete plants

It is possible on the part within the T3 tourist zone

- construction of buildings for catering and tourist purposes (hotels, motels, guesthouses, picnic areas, campsites, catering buildings, restaurants and the like), and the construction of other catering and sports and recreation facilities that are usually built within such locations (sports fields, swimming pools, terraces and the like), arrangement of green areas and construction of roads and infrastructure
- construction of camper rest areas and auto-camps
- construction of infrastructural buildings and devices, arrangement of internal vehicular, pedestrian and vehicular-pedestrian traffic areas, areas for stationary traffic, recreational areas, green areas and installation of urban equipment;

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Dejan Dejanović
Voditelj ureda
Mob: 095 829 1188



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270000m², Plot

Karlovačka, Ozalj, Dvorišće Ozaljsko

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